Thursday, October 30, 2008

Master Bath Redesign

Over the next several posts I will be reporting on the progress of a master bathroom redesign. I'll detail the various resources used, discuss the various projects undertaken and outline the design decision process.

The master bath is shown in the photo, prior to any work. It is actually a very nice bathroom in a recently built home, with no real problems. However...can any sense of style be found?! No. Therefore, my aim is to infuse the room with a wonderful sense of style, a bit of whimsy and drama, through decorating. Let's see how I succeed!

If I had been involved with the original design of this room I would have made different tile and finish choices, but I wasn't and will need to work with these previous selections. I think, even with these restrictions, a significant change can be achieved. So, to that end, the following tasks are planned for this project:

1)paint/wall design
2)replace recessed lighting with light fixtures
3)window coverings
5)dressing mirror
6)mill work around vanity mirror
7)vanity lighting
8)painting of the cabinetry
9)bath accessories and artwork....and anything else I dream up along the way!

Until next time...

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  1. I'm so looking forward to seeing this transformation and I'm jealous of those gorgeous gigantic windows next to your bath. How divine is that?!


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