Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Latest Design Project

Here is my latest completed project, a master bedroom. This room has shaded natural light and is on the smaller side, so I decided to play up those qualities rather than fight them.

My design started with a vintage wrought iron and crystal pagoda chandelier, which inspired me to create a room that has a shimmering quality with a limited color palette. The drapes are silk with a soft sheen, and the color is just two shades darker than the walls, so as to create a more spacious effect in the room. The drapery rod was chosen because it's finish is similar to the chandelier, with the rod's leaf finials repeating the chandelier's charming quality.

I choose the darkest paint for the ceiling, so the chandelier's light would cast a warm glow throughout the room,(Sherwin Williams Dapper Tan) and a lighter beige with gray undertones for the walls so the room would not start to close in (Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki).

The bed frame is upholstered in a textured linen, which inspired the wall treatment on the wall behind the bed. This effect was achieved by layering subsequently lighter tones of paint in a hatched pattern. The result is very subtle, but it brings in a tailored masculine quality to the room, helping balance the feminine and masculine aspects of the design.

With no room for more than the essential furniture, there are two bedside tables. One rectangular with drawers, the other a beautiful round pedestal table. The glass table lamps and candle holders were chosen to continue the design element brought in by the crystal on the chandelier and the silver beads on the mirror echo the silver nail head trim on the bed frame. The last items for the room where an armoire for storage and a TV, and finally, an ivory area rug was place on top of the darker carpet, to bring a bit of light to the room.

The final result is a very tranquil space, which is what most of us crave at the end of a long day!


  1. Gorgeous. It is indeed a successful blend of masculine and feminine elements. Love the subtle paint effect on the headboard wall!! Inquiring minds need to know: how tall is the ceiling? I'd love a chandelier in my master bedroom.

  2. Very serene. I love painted ceilings. It just makes a room look finished and adds so much to the space.

  3. Question - What color was on your walls in your previous master bedroom? I saw it on HGTV RMS. Thanks!

  4. Hi "The gFamily", the paint color used was Devine Cocoa, from Devine Color. You can purchase this paint online at, or at Miller Paint. The finish is called 'delicate'. Thanks for asking! Also, Suzanne, I never answered your question...the ceiling height is just under 10'. However, if a fixture is to be hung over a bed it IS possible to use a hanging fixture in a room with a lower ceiling. Thanks for the questions! Janell

  5. I love the paint treatment on the wall of your headboard in your master bedroom. What are the colors you used to achieve the look and with what tool and what technique did you use? I wanted to achieve the same look with a wallpaper in my living room, but I saw your bedroom and I thought maybe I could achieve the same look with paint and for much less cost!

    Thanks for your blog! You inspire me every day to try and make my home as warm and beautiful as possible!

    By the way, Happy Birthday to your daughter Isabella!

  6. Hi jomc, thanks for your wonderful feedback! And regarding the paint patient are you!? Painting this treatment on the one 15' wall took me well over 20 hours, so in the end I wondered if wallpaper wouldn't have been a better option. However, I do love this effect, it is original and grabs your attention.
    To create this look get a small fine arts brush that will easily 'draw' a line approximately 1/8" in width. Start by painting the wall the base color, (here Sherwin-Williams Universal Khaki)then add white paint to the base color and paint the entire wall in a crosshatch pattern, starting on one side and working your way over. Repeat this again, adding more white to the base color. In the end I also added some silver metallic paint along with the white paint for the final layer of cross-hatching. I suppose you could achieve a similar look with one pass of cross-hatching, but the three layers in varying shades gives the wall a lot of depth. So, a technique best left to feature walls rather than an entire room!If you go forward with your project let me know how you are doing!! Thanks for asking! Janell

  7. So I went to SW the other day and asked the for the Tanner Brown swatch and they looked at me as if I asked them to strip down to their 'wears and rub paint on themselves! Is it SW's color or did they color match for you?!

  8. Hi dirt girl, you are so right and I made a typo! The paint color is Dapper Tan 6144, and I updated this information in the blog. Thanks for catching this! Sorry for your wasted trip to the paint store...Janell

  9. Janell,

    For some reason, I can no longer access your website!!!! Every time I go to your site, another website pops up! Can you please email me? My email is and let me know how I can still read your blog and access your website???

    I am going into withdrawals without your daily blog!!!

    Thanks! Joni

  10. Hi Joni,
    Thanks for the heads up that my website was having is now up and running! Thanks!!!! Janell

  11. Do you mind sharing where you got the lamps and candle holders?

  12. Do you mind sharing where you got the lamps and candle holders?

  13. Hi, the night stand lamps were found at TJ Max (quite some time ago, but I just some similar ones today while at HomeGoods), the floor lamp was found at Pottery Barn, (again a few years ago) Target has a similar one, and the glass candle holders are also from Pottery Barn...which I believe are still in stock!
    Thanks for asking...Janell

  14. Thanks!! Love what you did with that room. It looks so warm and inviting.

  15. I just recently found your blog, and love it! You are so talented. Just a quick question, where did you find you bedframe? I have been looking for something similar. Thanks, Amy (feel free to email me

  16. i just noticed that you put a rug on carpet. i always wondered how'd that look.. it looks great! i might have to do that in my bedroom.

  17. I have the same question as Amy V. The bed!!!!! where did you find it? It is soooooo hard to find unholstered beds that look so great! It seems every bed I find there is always one element that doesn't match my ideal find! Love your blog, thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  18. I just came across your blog thanks to Jenny at Little Green Notebook, and I am in love!! Could you please come over and decorate my entire house!?!?

    I love your master bedroom! I actually have the same bed and very similar lamps and drapes, but otherwise I'm having a really hard time pulling my bedroom together. I opted to paint my walls a grayish blue because I really wanted the upholstered headboard to stand out. I also went with a blue paisley watercolor print duvet from Pottery Barn, but all the color and pattern just isn't working. I've been thinking about repainting a more neutral color for awhile, but was worried about how it would look. You have definitely inspired me! My husband isn't going to be so happy though.

    I would love to know where you found your chandelier? I'm looking for a new light in my entryway and I think the chandelier might be a good option.

    Can't wait to read more of your blog!!

  19. Ok, as I read, I'm finding more to love!

    I'm also curious about the lighting in your living room and home office??

  20. Hi Janell,
    I love your site and go on it everyday to see what you are making beautiful. Can I ask where you got you master bedroom comforter/duvet?

  21. Hi Jaqnell,

    I'm just looking back through your older posts. I love eeing the start of blogs I like. You've been blogging for aaages!

    I'm interested to see that in the early days, you announced your makeovers in one posting, rather than spread them out, as you do now, over several posts.

    I've been thinking about exactly that recently on Mondern Country Style. I used to do it all in one post (I was just so excitd to share it all!). It makes me wonder whether I should do some more on those early-feautured rooms!

    Anyway....sorry for the long comment. Juat really meant to say, again, I love your blog!


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