Friday, October 17, 2008

Decorating With Art...Your Children's

If you are a parent, you probably have your children's art posted on the fridge and more stashed away in a pile somewhere. With just a small investment of time and money, you can transform your favorite master pieces into 'real' art. Select several stock frames from a store such as Michael's or Aaron Brothers. They are always running sales, or look for their coupons, and frames like the ones I am showing in the photo will run you under $10 each. Hang the frames in groups of two, or even up to eight, for more impact.

Now you can have a revolving art gallery of your children's latest artwork. Not only does this add a wonderful light hearted quality to your home's decor, but your children will be proud to have their work featured in this way!


  1. Woohoo! First one to post a comment on your blog!!

    Your house is gorgeous!!

  2. Janell, you have so many wonderful ideas but I think this is my favourite. It's your children's art displayed in such a grown-up manner that made me fall in love with your house on RMS. I'm copying your idea with my daughter's "art". She's only two and a half so her scribbles are definitely abstract but they should add some zing to the walls once framed. What a wonderful way to honour a child's talent!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.


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