Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Buy the Floor Model...Save $$$!

I am a fan of well designed, quality furniture and accessories. Unfortunately good design often is accompanied by not so attractive price tags. One way to get around this road block is to buy the floor model, which often offers an opportunity to purchase an item at substantial savings. If you are shopping and find the item you've been looking for, ask if you can purchase the floor model. If it is not yet for sale, ask to be called when it is. Also, become familiar with the markdown habits of your favorite stores and watch for your items to be placed on sale. When considering purchasing a floor model, examine every inch of the piece for damage. If you find any, decide if you can live with it or repair it...if so start bargaining for further reductions!

Using this approach I recently was able to purchase a beautifully upholstered settee, originally listed at $1200.00, for $386.00. Another example is the mirror pictured above, originally listed for $379.00, I paid a mere $59.00! Now those are discounts worth the effort required to shop with this strategy!

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